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Antennas developed at L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems cover frequencies ranging from 20 MHz to 100 GHz. Our design methods employ both analytical and experimental tools. Broadband antennas and scale models are utilized to confirm and refine the analytical approach. Computer optimization allows for prediction of the performance potential without undergoing the added expense of extensive hardware fabrication. Automated data acquisition then allows for measured data to be input through an advanced array simulation. These processes drive our approach to innovative antenna design, drawing upon our experience and successes.

Our staff engineers have the expertise to design complex antennas both large and small. When needed, specialized support for solving unique technical issues can easily be added to our in-house capabilities. Because of our Silicon Valley location, special technical consultant services are readily available to supplement our own professional staff.

If your system requires special considerations that you cannot find in off-the-shelf antennas, we will supply you with a custom antenna, designed and manufactured to fulfill your specific requirements