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Fabrication and Assembly

Founded in 1972, we have over 45 years of antenna experience.

L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems possesses extensive fabrication, finishing and assembly capabilities that allow us to choose between "make" or "buy" for almost all fabricated component parts. This competition between the in-house shop and outside sources results in greater efficiency and lower costs. These redundant sources allow us to quickly adjust and optimize flow of material and parts, reducing schedule related risk due to fabrication and assembly. Our capabilities provide for quick prototyping of designs when needed. Fabrication--comprised of the machine shop, aluminum dip brazing and finishing--makes up 25% of the Manufacturing area. Machine Shop — L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems uses a wide variety of machine tools to support our Manufacturing philosophy. These tools range from manual lathes and mills to state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning centers. L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems also utilizes advances in software to improve its machining capabilities. SURFCAM and PRO-ENGINEER allow us to process sophisticated machine parts and contoured surfaces. Additionally, controller upgrades have been made to enhance programming interface with machine tools. This equipment, together with our skilled machinists, ensures processing to the tightest of tolerances with a great degree of repeatability. The result is a very high-quality product.

  • Aluminum Dip Brazing - A complete aluminum dip brazing facility--one of the few in Northern California--is available at L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems. The assemblies produced at our facility routinely meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-B-7883. This unique capability allows complicated part geometries to be fabricated quickly and economically. Our facility has been in operation for over 30 years and pre- and post- heat treat capability.

  • Finishing - L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems has extensive in-house painting, coating, and chemical conversion capabilities compliant to MIL-C-5541. Having these processes in-house enables us to respond quickly to our customers' requirements and maintain strict controls over the finished product.

  • Composites Fabrication - L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems' composites fabrication department specializes in the wet lay-up process, utilizing fiberglass, Kevlar, quartz, etc., in a variety of resin systems, with capabilities to fabricate requisite tooling and production parts. Our skilled craftsmen routinely perform complicated processes, such as when using RCS reduction treatments during the construction of LO test bodies for our in-house Compact Range.

  • Assembly - L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems performs all antenna assembly operations in-house and has dedicated 50% of the total manufacturing area for this activity. In order to promote repeatable production of assemblies, L3Harris Randtron utilizes assembly aids, tooling, operations sheets (process instruction), and inspection. A certification program is in place to verify operator proficiency in areas such as J-STD 001 Soldering and ESD practices. L3Harris Randtron also has a Continual Process Improvement Program in place. All these result in providing the customer with a quality product.

  • Manufacturing Engineering (Mfg Eng) is responsible for achieving operational efficiency and reaching cost goals in product manufacturing. Manufacturing Engineering plans, implements and monitors all processes, tooling, operational instructions and standards. Mfg Eng works closely with Microwave and Mechanical Engineering in order to implement "Design for Manufacturability" principles early in the product development cycle. Mfg Eng also participates in cost estimating for proposals, make/buy economic evaluations and other operational aspects that involve the engineering disciplines.

  • Production Control - Production Control is responsible for ordering material and scheduling manufacturing with the ultimate objective of meeting the customer's delivery requirements. Production Control uses a computerized, job specific MRP system that is driven by the Master Production Schedule. The system uses lead-time offsets to determine time-phased order and schedule dates and to provide estimated production hours for capacity planning. From acquisition of raw material to delivery of the finished product, all activities are tracked. During recurring meetings, Production Control personnel provide current status for all production programs. The production load centers receive daily dispatch reports used to establish and change priorities within the manufacturing area.

  • Quality Assurance - Our Quality Assurance system meets the requirements of ISO9001/AS9100 and is recognized by Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. L3Harris Randtron Antenna Systems has a Total Quality Management commitment to provide customers with products and services that meet their needs, including employees trained to J-STD 001 Soldering requirements. Quality Assurance is well equipped with fixtures and measuring instruments, used by experienced personnel to measure a wide range of complicated piece parts and assemblies used in aerospace and defense applications.